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  • It is a product serious, honest and very developed over more than 25 years.

  • It is easily folded and unfolded without tools in minutes by one person.

  • Can be transported in a car, no trailer for transportation is needs.

  • When stored, occupies a place equivalent to that of a motorcycle.

  • The handling is very simple and intuitive by a single joystick command.

  • It is the only hovercraft with "soft landing" that does not damage the surface.

  • With the published maximum weight, quickly reaches the over hump speed on the water.

  • It is very quiet.

  • Virtually no produce water spray and raises little dust.

  • The cost is a fraction of traditional rigid hovercraft.

  • The fuel consumption is only 3.4 liters/hour of regular gasoline at full power.

  • The 4-stroke motors are for industrial use and comply with all international standards of noise and pollution.

  • Maintenance is economical because the only moving parts are the engines.

  • The propellers are directly coupled to the engine, avoiding problems with gears, belts or chains.

  • In case of crashes, damaged parts are easily replaceable.

  • All components are made by Aero DC Ltda in Brazil with Brazilian materials.